Our history is
not only the thread
of our knowledge
but also our soul

Our history

Emery Trust was founded in 1994 by Fernand Emery. For nearly 20 years, Fernand has developed and enhanced the precision, skills and efficiency of the services offered. Fernand opened his first offices in the town hall of Sierre, then in 2006 the offices were moved to the entrance of the town of Sierre, at route de Sion 18.

At the beginning of 2011, Stéphane Emery, Fernand’s nephew, took over as trustee. Stéphane trained for 15 years in renowned companies in the financial, accounting and tax sectors. He worked for 7 years in a fiduciary firm, including 2 years at KPMG. He also worked for 6 years as chief accountant for the Kudelski Group (world leader in physical and TV access systems security), and 3 years as financial controller for the Firmenich Group (world leader in perfumes and aromas).

To better accommodate its clients, the fiduciary moved to Avenue du Rothorn 11 in Sierre in early 2015.

The fiduciary STEPHANE EMERY defines itself as a service company, which works in the traditional fields of fiduciary. It offers services in accounting, auditing, tax consulting and business consulting. In an ever-changing environment, companies need a loyal and reliable partner. The fiduciary STEPHANE EMERY accompanies you by relying on its diversity, its capacity of innovation and its human and professional values.